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Did Bachelorette Ashley Sleep with Bentley? Hardly

June 24, 2011 5 comments

Given that we pride ourselves on being ‘in the know’ on all things Bentley, we admit to being completely caught off guard by some new accusations that have surfaced in recent days.  A highly reputable news outlet is reporting that Bentley hooked up with Ashley before he left the show.  Here are the details:

“Ashley slept with Bentley before he left the show,” [an unnamed, insider source told In Touch Magazine]. “That was the reason she was so devastated.” The source goes on to say that, “they kept the fact that they had sex a secret.”

Let’s examine this new accusation, shall we? Ok In Touch Magazine, So you are really going to go with the story that an anonymous source [couldn’t they at least give him/her a fake name?] told you that Bentley and Ashley hooked up? So we are really supposed to believe that somehow amidst 24 other Bachelorette contestants and rooms teaming with camera crews and equipment, Bentley and Ashley managed to steal away surreptitiously and be alone long enough to hook up. You’re really going to go with that story, In Touch Magazine, really?

So what’s the real story?

An obvious alternative explanation is that producers are attempting to sully Bentley’s pristine image by leaking more lies to the press. Even as far as gossip rags go, In Touch Magazine is among the lowest on the totem pole for credibility, which means the producers had trouble getting any others to take the bait.

Here at the Apologists, we believe another explanation is more likely. Everyone has noted Ashley’s surprisingly strong attachment, bordering on obsession with Bentley [we do condone Bentley obsession] after only a few moments together, and people are searching for ready explanations. Upon witnessing Ashley emerge from Bentley’s room [with flushed cheeks and hair tousled no doubt], the unnamed source simply made an inference about what had taken place. The Apologists contend that Ashley did not sleep with Bentley, but did run her hands through his hair, an action that has been known to produce many of the same effects. So we don’t blame you, unnamed source, for running and tattling on Bentley to a gossip rag. It was an honest mistake that could have happened to anyone.


Bentley and the Water Glass

June 1, 2011 8 comments

In both episodes of The Bachelorette, the contestants toast Ashley. Bentley’s glass looks to be different than the other contestants.’ Some claim he’s drinking water, others suggest it might be vodka. Neither are correct. The clear liquid is actually an elixir originating from Catarata Gocta, a waterfall in Peru. The elixir, which comes packaged in a velvet case, is said to contain special properties that adds luster to hair and makes skin more radiant. It’s definitely working, Bentley…

Taking Bentley’s hair out of the equation

May 31, 2011 7 comments

We’ve seen on The Bachelorette how well the masked man’s strategy of covering up to “take his face out of the equation” has worked. Frankly, it’s a bit surprising that producers haven’t tried to do the same thing to Bentley. Wouldn’t it have been fairer to the other contestants to take Bentley’s hair out of the equation? They could have made him wear a funny wig or a hat. As it stands, it will be very difficult for the other contestants to shine in the presence of that hair. Are you kidding me? thick, wavy locks held up at impossible angles.
“I hope my hair looks ok…” No, Bentley, it doesn’t just look ok, it is intoxicating.

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