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Brad Womack—The Biggest Loser

August 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Two time bachelor Brad Womack is quite possibly the only man alive that could lose a game that he is completely set up to win–twice!  In his first Bachelor appearance, Brad slept with multiple women and then decided to not choose one in the last show.  This was completely humiliating for the woman and outraged viewers because of his flippant attitude towards copulation and relationships.  Producers seeking drama and ratings re-casted him as a Bachelor where he slept with Chantal, and then chose the one girl with standards high enough to know not to spend the night with Brad—Emily.  Now Emily, realizing that Brad Womack is a tool, has decided to end her relationship with him.  I guess this might be expected from Stephen Bradley Pickelsimer (his name before he changed it to Womack) with a criminal record including forgery, public intoxication and for passing a bad check.

Two things we learn from this:

1) Ladies, please have some class.  If you put out the nookie like a street walker, a man will treat you like one.

2) Brad Womack is possibly the biggest loser we have ever seen on a game show

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Chris Harrison Admits: “I [Also] Fell in Love with Bentley”

July 3, 2011 5 comments

Bentley obsession runs deep on the Bachelorette this season. Indeed, we’ve already seen how fixated Ashley is on him [to the detriment of herself and the other contestants], but now new clues are emerging that suggest that Ashley was not the only person on the show who had strong feelings for Bentley, which may explain why the producers continued to push the Bentley storyline on viewers. Click on the video above. You can see Ashley’s usual blabbering on and on about Bentley (she mentions him 18 times during one part of an episode). But keep watching until the end of the video when Bachelorette host Chris Harrison finally admits that he too, fell in love with Bentley. Do you think he meant love for Bentley based on his ability to bring ratings or real romantic love? We’re betting the latter. Bentley’s irresistibility knows no bounds.

Jager Weatherby (and Wetpaint) can suck it, too. Bentley rocks!

June 27, 2011 4 comments

The Apologists have compiled a long list of ‘people who can suck it.’ Add another. Jager Weatherby (that has to be a stage name) on behalf of Wetpaint went on yet another tirade about Bentley. If your tirade is preceded by the tirade of old, bald guy who doesn’t even watch the show, you have a problem. Not surprisingly, she calls Bentley the” most hated Man in Bachelorette history” (where have we heard that before?) and says that people are growing tired of him.

She also calls the Apologists out:

 “There’s one group out there that won’t groan when he [Bentley] returns. Whenever we here at WetPaint say anything against Bentley, and believe me, he deserves it, we get VERY reactive comments by a group called the Bentley Williams Apologists. They defend the bad boy to such a loyal extent, we think they should just marry him themselves. Unless it’s just Bentley promoting himself, but that would just be weird. What do you think of bad news Bentley? Do you think he got a raw deal? Or does he deserve everything he got coming to him?”

Well Jager, we appreciate the shout out, but we think most of the points you make, well, they aren’t really points, are they? First off, we defend Bentley against unfair attacks by many groups – you’re nothing special. Wetpaint refers to itself as a “next-generation media company” (read: dumb website) whose stated purpose is to “delight 18-34 year old women.” Are we supposed to be impressed? The company description sounds like what Bentley does on a daily basis. Second, we appreciate your acknowledgment of our loyalty to Bentley and ask that you pass along our marriage proposal to him. Third, we are not Bentley as was clearly stated here; Bentley is under contract. Fourth, yes, we think Bentley got a raw deal, duh, and it should be obvious to any sane person who reads this blog. We also know that you got weak in the knees just reporting this story…

“I’m gonna kill that mofo” – latest threat of violence against Bentley

June 25, 2011 4 comments

We have noted that the producer’s characterization of Bentley has put him in a precarious position. Among those who have already threatened Bentley with violence are Jenna Kim Jones (punch him in the face), Jimmy Kimmel (beat him with a baseball bat), a bunch of anonymous posters on Internet chat boards (you name it, they’ve threatened it), and some crazy guy who wants to kick him between the legs.

Add Larry David, creator of Seinfeld and star of Curb Your Enthusiasm, to that list. During Ashley’s recent appearance on Jay Leno, David jumped to her defense saying, “I’m gonna kill that mofo” about Bentley. He added, “I don’t know what this guy did, but I really dislike him.” The Apologists are pacifists, and we do not condone any sort of violence [including Muay Thai Boxing]. But what we find scary is that someone actually threatened to murder Bentley on national TV. Even more disturbing, the comment elicited laughs from the audience. Come on, people! This is a contestant on a reality TV show who lasted 2.5 episodes. Does Bentley really deserve such unmitigated hatred?

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Who to hate? Bentley vs. Producers

June 22, 2011 12 comments

Question everyone asks is, “Why is Ashley falling for Bentley?”  In our earliest posts, Apologists contend that Bentley’s aloofness, mystique or his hair is what is driving Ashley.  Since these early posts we have learned a few more things:

1) Bentley’s comments were frequently completely fabricated by producers

2) Not one contestant that was with Bentley has thrown him under the bus.

3) Producers contend that “Bentley is the worst ever” yet every prior season suggests evidence to the contrary.

Anyone that has watched the show prior to this season has seen the manipulative editing (especially in previews) to hook you into watching the next week’s episode.  With this recent information, Bentley Apologists contend that Ashley fell for Bentley… BECAUSE HE IS A GOOD GUY!  He gave her two dates and called it quits (not uncommon for relationships). Ashley is a smart girl; she’s in dental school at Penn.

So who is really to blame and who has the most to gain?… The producers.  This is why Bentley is coming back.  Bentley clearly does not want to be there, he wants out.  The producers bring him back because they realize they need something as a stop gap for losing all their viewers.  So in this post we provide the names and twitter accounts of those who should be held accountable.

If you’re mad about Bentley (from his comments being edited or because you despise his existence) don’t blame him.  Bentley left the show, blame the producers that brought him on knowing he was not interested and also decide to bring him back for more drama (Bentley was a rating’s machine for them!).  These are the producers, let them know what you think.

elan g @theyearofelan

Cassie Lambert @cassielambert

Mike Fleiss @fleissmeister

Peter Scalettar twitter @peterjscalettar

Robert Mills @Millsy11374

“We almost had to shut down production” – maybe you should have!

June 19, 2011 6 comments

There have been some big lies in TV history. But Chris Harrison’s recent revelation regarding Bentley is definitely right up there with “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” and, “Someone hacked my Twitter account.” Harrison claims that Bentley’s antics on the show almost forced production to shut down. Here’s Harrison’s full statement (note that it is preceded by another lie, almost as egregious – that Bentley was not put on the show to elicit drama):

“We didn’t put this guy in there to draw out drama. People give us too much credit. This doesn’t turn out to be a good thing for us or Ashley. We almost had to shut down production. If it was two or three weeks later, we probably wouldn’t have finished. This makes her question everything – the rest of the guys, herself, if this was worth it. It was really rough for us to get her back on track. Ashley definitely has a hard time moving passed this. It will haunt her and play a major role the rest of the show. She [became] a different person – a crestfallen, vulnerable little girl.

Seriously, Chris Harrison? You really expect us to believe there was some sort of huge meltdown because Bentley made a few comments during his ITM interviews? “We almost had to shut down production.” Well, maybe you should have! After all, viewers probably would have preferred it if you packed up and called it a day, especially after the only reason for watching the Bachelorette walked off the set. We already know that Ashley was in love with Bentley. Which second choice contestants are we supposed to get excited about now? The return of Bentley this week can’t come soon enough. Please, please, please grace us with your presence Bentley, even if only for a few minutes. Monday nights just aren’t the same since you’ve gone away…

Take a Stand Against “Violent Haters”

June 13, 2011 8 comments

I am a violent hater.

Thus begins Jenna Kim Jones’ latest post, where she not only admits to having malicious intentions toward Bentley (and presumably all other incredibly good-looking, straight-talking, authentic men) but also claims she is digging in for a long battle.

Well, Jenna Kim Jones, presumptuous comedic interloper in our reality-starved world, you’ll have to wait in line.  As we’ve already mentioned here, Jimmy Kimmel has fired the first shots against Bentley in a disturbing display of his burgeoning fascination with violence. Does Jenna have some new twist that she wants to bring to the debate?  A flair for the dramatic, perhaps, or a propensity for exaggeration?

Let us remind you, Jenna, that we have something you don’t on our side.  Put simply, we have the truth.  You may have forgotten about this in your pilgrimage from Utah to New York, but we haven’t.  Bentley’s inherent goodness, and the inherent awesomeness of his hair, will prove more than a match for any calumny you may throw at him from the safety of your Twitter fortress.

Bring it on, Jenna, bring it on.

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