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Final Show: More Edits Exposed—Exclusive Commentary from Bentley*

August 2, 2011 28 comments

*by Bentley we mean Bentley Apologists (that guy with amazing hair had nothing to do with this post)

Let’s get started by watching a few clips that make yet another strong case for heavy editing in the show.  This is an interview given right before Ashley is proposed to by both JP and Ben (this is just one clip clarifying the time of the interview as right before the final rose).  Now this second clip is from the Japan show of Ashley supposedly “figuring Bentley out” and telling Bentley off. Notice anything similar?  They are the EXACT SAME INTERVIEW happening on the same day, check out Ashley’s outfits, makeup, hair, and background.  This girl has never been in the same outfit on this show in two episodes.  What does this mean?  The complete tell off of Bentley supposedly happening weeks earlier was completely fabricated.

After reading the Bentley Apologists Edits posts, this type of editing is no surprise to our readers.  Ashley was edited to look sharper than she is, Bentley was edited to look like a jerk more than he is, and the producers haven been laughing all the way to the next trashy show production.

Bentley was never invited back to the final show.  Contestants are compelled to attend on at the request of ABC as part of their contract.  Same reason Bentley can’t give an interview. If Bentley violates the contract, the show can quite easily sue him for the “damages” to the production.  The producers and Chris Harrison didn’t want Bentley back because it was too much of a risk for them as noted by this blogger.

Let’s re-watch the clip of the men discussing Bentley.  All the comments are by no names like Drunk Tim (with the exception of Glambert) and the edits of the discussion are super choppy.  Is this really all they had to say?  Certainly not, the men that got to know him defended Bentley in the press here, here and here.  Bentley had an army of friends on that panel that we never heard a word from.  None of the men that supported him said anything on the final cut that aired? Well that is what the producers want you to think, but apparently these men actually defended Bentley, unfortunately we didn’t get to see it.

So what about the man whose name has been mentioned in EVERY SINGLE SHOW since the first 3 episodes he was on? The man who got a girl to fall in love with him after hanging out a total of about 3-4 hours alone?  And even with the edits, is what Bentley did really that bad?  We are quite certain Ashley gave roses to multiple men she had mediocre feelings for.  Shoot, Ashley had Ben propose to her before telling him no.  Ben said that Ashley gave no sign that she was not choosing him till after he completely humiliated himself.  How is this any better than what Bentley did?  It’s not!  It’s actually worse.  Bentley was leading a girl on for a few dates and Ashley made someone think she was going to marry them.  What about Brad Womack and others who slept with multiple women only to reject them for someone they were certain they would choose?  Clearly any of these offences is—much—much worse than what Bentley did.

Why have the Producers and Chris Harrison tried so hard to make Bentley look bad?  They are mad at Bentley because he turned the game on its head.  This game show is set up for the star Man or Woman to string along multiple mates to a rose ceremony, not the other way around.  Bentley exposed how trashy this show actually is.

Bentley we have enjoyed fighting for you and your hair.  Most of all we have enjoyed the dialog with some insane readers.  Wish you the best.

–Bentley Apologists


Bentley Apologists Hits 100,000 Mark on July 4th As Viewers Search for Bentley Conversations

July 5, 2011 1 comment

Originally we were inspired to start this site because, as Bentley fans, we didn’t think it was right that such an awesome Bachelorette contestant was getting villainized.We wanted to celebrate the man and defend his words and actions. We figured that no one would care since viewers are usually content to drink the Kool-Aid and accept everything Bachelorette producers foist upon them. But just over a month later, we are happy to report that we’re “All Grown Up.” Our site hit 100,000 views today as Bacholrette viewers were searching for any thing they could find on Bentley.   While it may not seem like much for one day, we have significantly altered the Bentley conversation as now more people are starting to question the reality of the show and notice the douchebaggery of Chris Harrison.  Moreover, given the timing of this event and demand for conversations about Bentley, we believe this shows how truly American being a Bentley fan is.

So where do the Apologists go from here? Bentley was our horse in the Bachelorette race, and even although he’s gone for good, we don’t plan to pick another one. Especially if we have that many fans of the site.  Instead, we are going to act exactly like Ashley. For the rest of the season, we’re going to keep tabs on all the second fiddles [contestants still in the race who are clear second choices to Bentley], while still pining for Bentley and continuing to talk incessantly about him. Hope you’ll join us.

Chris Harrison Admits: “I [Also] Fell in Love with Bentley”

July 3, 2011 5 comments

Bentley obsession runs deep on the Bachelorette this season. Indeed, we’ve already seen how fixated Ashley is on him [to the detriment of herself and the other contestants], but now new clues are emerging that suggest that Ashley was not the only person on the show who had strong feelings for Bentley, which may explain why the producers continued to push the Bentley storyline on viewers. Click on the video above. You can see Ashley’s usual blabbering on and on about Bentley (she mentions him 18 times during one part of an episode). But keep watching until the end of the video when Bachelorette host Chris Harrison finally admits that he too, fell in love with Bentley. Do you think he meant love for Bentley based on his ability to bring ratings or real romantic love? We’re betting the latter. Bentley’s irresistibility knows no bounds.

Was Bentley Good for Ratings?

July 2, 2011 2 comments

Say what you will about Bentley, the man knows how to attract an audience. With his swagger, charisma, and no-nonsense banter, Bentley has made this season of the Bachelorette one of the most interesting of all time. Perhaps the most remarkable thing is the extent of his impact on the show in such a short amount of time. The focus on Bentley has angered many and drawn viewers’ ire against producers. It has been implied that Bentley must be so good for Bachelorette ratings as to be well worth “messing with Ashley’s [and viewers’] head” while exploiting poor Bentley. Why else would the producers have spent so much effort editing his commentary, showing statements he made out of context, and demonizing him to viewers? But what is Bentley’s actual impact on the show.

To find out, we gathered TV ratings from Zap2It for the show and compiled them into a graph. The graph covers the last four weeks of the show including Bentley’s departure (episode 3), The Bentley Hangover where Ashley talked about him incessantly (episode 4), Bentley’s full absence from the show (episode 5), and King Bentley’s triumphant return (episode 6). As you can plainly see, Bentley’s full absence constituted the show’s nadir during the period [despite the shameless attempt to attract viewers with shirtless Bachelorette contestants engaged in Muay Thai fighting for Ashley’s affection]. Moreover, we see a massive spike in viewers when he returns to the show. That’s right; Bentley’s 5 minutes back on camera led to an increase of roughly half a million viewers. That’s an extra 100,000 viewers for every minute on the show. Are you listening ABC and Chris Harrison? Do you really think nice guys JP or Ben F. can generate that kind of viewer interest? It’s an understatement to say that “Bentley is good for ratings.” Bentley is ratings!

So Bentley said some things

July 1, 2011 2 comments

People have criticized Bentley relentlessly for his “wreckless and meanspirited” comments about Ashley. We at the Apologists have argued that while entertaining, these comments are mostly overblown, taken out of context, or are simply examples of Bentley’s forthrightness. Let’s face it folks, Bentley calls them as he sees them. So, we found it amusing that some enterprising soul managed to pull together “every a**hole-ish thing The Bachelorette’s Bentley has said about Ashley.” While it may seen counterproductive for an apologist site to post something that could further damage our man’s reputation, we think it important enough to risk it for several reasons. First, it shows you what we are up against. Someone spent an awful lot of time splicing these clips together to convince viewers that Bentley really is a bad guy. Could producers be behind this? Second, Bentley’s entire affront to humanity comprises a grand total of 4 minutes and 34 seconds. That’s right, several weeks in a house with every move and statement being videotaped and recorded, and the most they could dig up was 4 minutes and 34 seconds. For all we know, he was an absolute model contestant who spent every other minute gushing about how great Ashley was. We have lots of evidence that everyone in the house seemed to like him. So Bentley said some things. So what. If anything, this video actually exonerates him, and reminds us why we were so blessed to have Bentley for those wonderful 2.5 episodes this season.

Bentley the Show Wrecker: Glambert McLean Checks Out

June 29, 2011 3 comments

Lots of people are aware that Bentley has completely taken over this season of the Bachelorette. Some viewers [including Chris Harrison] are exasperated by this turn of events and believe it could have been avoided. Other viewers are excited by it and have come to accept that Bentley’s charms are unavoidable [Apologists]. More than a few pundits have suggested that we start referring to the show as The Bentley-orette [ok, we’d be glad to].

On this week’s episode, Ashley finally spills the beans to the other guys about her feelings for Bentley. It doesn’t quite go as planned. While some of the guys take the news well, most are furious about having to play second fiddle to a guy that left the show several weeks prior [simply awesome]. The dentist and the chef are especially upset, and Glambert – always the drama queen – gets so pissed that he storms off the set and leaves the show. This is simply unbelievable. Bentley, a contestant that was on the show for only two weeks, manages to capture the heart of the Bachelorette, pushes one of the best looking guys to leave the show early, and completely shatters the confidence of the remaining contestants. Beautiful Bentley truly is a one-man show wrecker.

Bentley Knows What Women Want (and it’s not relationship platitudes)

June 28, 2011 9 comments

Bentley’s impact on the Bachelor/Bachelorette series has never been seen before on a reality show.  With what amounts to roughly 3 hours of courtship time (on group dates no less), he managed to capture the heart and mind of Ashley and America. He has been called “the most beguiling contestant to ever grace reality TV” and “the most important cultural icon of our generation.” As the main focus of the last 5 episodes, numerous gossip rags, and every water cooler conversation about the show, Bentley has led people to ask—how did this happen? How did Bentley gain the adoration of Ashley and, at the same time, attract the unmitigated hatred of viewers and pundits everywhere? While we don’t know the exact science, we do have an idea. There are four basic types of conversations we see Bentley have on the show.

1.   Bentley talking off screen about his interest in Ashley. As discussed by the Apologists, the worst of which were clear hack jobs that should enrage ABC quality control editing group more than viewers and pundits.

2.   Bentley talking to the other contestants (all of whom have nothing bad to say about him).

3.   Bentley comforting Ashley. The other contestants ignored her tears while Bentley came to her comfort.

4.   Bentley talking about his daughter. From the first conversation they shared to the last, the focus was on his daughter. Through sloppy and unethical editing, Bentley was villainized, yet the other men in the house universally agreed that Bentley had a one track mind in every conversation. He simply could not stop talking about his love for his daughter.

In almost every interaction on the show, we see Bentley focused on someone else, which is refreshing for viewers. There never seems to be a shortage of self-absorbed single Bachelors and Bachelorettes with proud smirks as they fill their date conversations with relationship platitudes.  “I just want to be with”… “My perfect relationship is”…”I have an important job.” This is what makes Bentley so irresistible to Ashley. Sure some men talked about hardships in their life, but it was a conversation that was still self-focused. Bentley’s conversations consisted of comforting Ashley and talking about his daughter.  So what can we learn from the Bentley/Ashley scenario? How about this: Men of America, when it comes to women, forget about yourselves. It’s easy to be self-absorbed when you are a single adult (Brad Womack and Jason Mesnick), but if you can resist that urge, you become all the more attractive.

Clearly there are additional factors we are purposely setting aside (e.g., Bentley’s pheromones are currently being studied by Johns Hopkins and Axe Laboratories). But for our purpose, a loud and clear message emerges: For individuals eager to find love, forget yourself and focus on others! Thanks, Bentley. We owe you one.

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