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Team Bentley Gains Another Adoring Fan

June 28, 2011 2 comments

Many of you will remember a couple of weeks ago when we had to come to Bentley’s defense agains threats of malicious violence.  Jenna Kim Jones (possibly respected comic), intimated that she was traveling all the way from New York City to Salt Lake City to punch Bentley in the face.  In fact, she even admitted that she is “a violent hater.”  She was expressly unrepentant of her violent ways.

But now all of that has changed.  In one of her latest tweets (apparently her chosen form of communication with the outside world, whatever this says about her), she writes:

The Bachelorette keeps getting dumped. Here’s hoping Bentley comes back for a 3rd round. I have to sleep now. Goodnight.

That sounds like a clear endorsement of Bentley to us.  From unjustified violence to unabashed appreciation — Jenna Kim Jones, welcome to the side of enlightenment and truth.  Welcome to Team Bentley.

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