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August 5, 2011 10 comments

National Enquirer reported today that  “THE BACHELORETTE WAS FIXED!” While they don’t get the entire story 100% accurate it’s a step in the right direction.  The author (Michael Glynn) could make an even more compelling story if he had read our first and second obvious edits posts from The Bachelorette.

Enquirer, we are glad you ran the story.  Better late than never.


Final Show: More Edits Exposed—Exclusive Commentary from Bentley*

August 2, 2011 28 comments

*by Bentley we mean Bentley Apologists (that guy with amazing hair had nothing to do with this post)

Let’s get started by watching a few clips that make yet another strong case for heavy editing in the show.  This is an interview given right before Ashley is proposed to by both JP and Ben (this is just one clip clarifying the time of the interview as right before the final rose).  Now this second clip is from the Japan show of Ashley supposedly “figuring Bentley out” and telling Bentley off. Notice anything similar?  They are the EXACT SAME INTERVIEW happening on the same day, check out Ashley’s outfits, makeup, hair, and background.  This girl has never been in the same outfit on this show in two episodes.  What does this mean?  The complete tell off of Bentley supposedly happening weeks earlier was completely fabricated.

After reading the Bentley Apologists Edits posts, this type of editing is no surprise to our readers.  Ashley was edited to look sharper than she is, Bentley was edited to look like a jerk more than he is, and the producers haven been laughing all the way to the next trashy show production.

Bentley was never invited back to the final show.  Contestants are compelled to attend on at the request of ABC as part of their contract.  Same reason Bentley can’t give an interview. If Bentley violates the contract, the show can quite easily sue him for the “damages” to the production.  The producers and Chris Harrison didn’t want Bentley back because it was too much of a risk for them as noted by this blogger.

Let’s re-watch the clip of the men discussing Bentley.  All the comments are by no names like Drunk Tim (with the exception of Glambert) and the edits of the discussion are super choppy.  Is this really all they had to say?  Certainly not, the men that got to know him defended Bentley in the press here, here and here.  Bentley had an army of friends on that panel that we never heard a word from.  None of the men that supported him said anything on the final cut that aired? Well that is what the producers want you to think, but apparently these men actually defended Bentley, unfortunately we didn’t get to see it.

So what about the man whose name has been mentioned in EVERY SINGLE SHOW since the first 3 episodes he was on? The man who got a girl to fall in love with him after hanging out a total of about 3-4 hours alone?  And even with the edits, is what Bentley did really that bad?  We are quite certain Ashley gave roses to multiple men she had mediocre feelings for.  Shoot, Ashley had Ben propose to her before telling him no.  Ben said that Ashley gave no sign that she was not choosing him till after he completely humiliated himself.  How is this any better than what Bentley did?  It’s not!  It’s actually worse.  Bentley was leading a girl on for a few dates and Ashley made someone think she was going to marry them.  What about Brad Womack and others who slept with multiple women only to reject them for someone they were certain they would choose?  Clearly any of these offences is—much—much worse than what Bentley did.

Why have the Producers and Chris Harrison tried so hard to make Bentley look bad?  They are mad at Bentley because he turned the game on its head.  This game show is set up for the star Man or Woman to string along multiple mates to a rose ceremony, not the other way around.  Bentley exposed how trashy this show actually is.

Bentley we have enjoyed fighting for you and your hair.  Most of all we have enjoyed the dialog with some insane readers.  Wish you the best.

–Bentley Apologists

Brad Womack—The Biggest Loser

August 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Two time bachelor Brad Womack is quite possibly the only man alive that could lose a game that he is completely set up to win–twice!  In his first Bachelor appearance, Brad slept with multiple women and then decided to not choose one in the last show.  This was completely humiliating for the woman and outraged viewers because of his flippant attitude towards copulation and relationships.  Producers seeking drama and ratings re-casted him as a Bachelor where he slept with Chantal, and then chose the one girl with standards high enough to know not to spend the night with Brad—Emily.  Now Emily, realizing that Brad Womack is a tool, has decided to end her relationship with him.  I guess this might be expected from Stephen Bradley Pickelsimer (his name before he changed it to Womack) with a criminal record including forgery, public intoxication and for passing a bad check.

Two things we learn from this:

1) Ladies, please have some class.  If you put out the nookie like a street walker, a man will treat you like one.

2) Brad Womack is possibly the biggest loser we have ever seen on a game show

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