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Guy Smiley (Ryan Park) Booted—Ashley is to Relationships as Casey Anthony is to Parenting.

July 14, 2011 2 comments

Guy Smiley aka Ned Flanders aka Ryan Park got booted Monday night.  This is another shining example of why Ashley is clueless when it comes to relationships.  Guy Smiley has been praying for a one on one date with her for weeks now.  Smiley knows that if you want to create a relationship you need some one-on-one time.  Every single date up to this point was a group date with Smiley and Ashley, yet even before their first one-on-one date is halfway over, Ashley decided there was “no romance”.  REALLY?! You have not even been on a date with Smiley, how do you know?

We realize that wanting to run off to live with Bentley after only 2 group dates and a whiff of his pheromones is a carnal reaction most women have. Does Ashley expect this from every guy?  There is only one Bentley and we think Ashley might be using an unreachable standard when evaluating “romance”.

As possibly the biggest blow to Guy Smiley’s ego, Smiley now realizes now that unlike Bentley and Glambert he was the first to be shown the door–instead of looking for it–before a date was over (Big League Chew left before his date started only because the show’s true villain—William sabotaged him).  Bentley Apologists are big fans of Big League Chew and Guy Smiley, whenever they talked about Ashley—it was like hearing Ashley talk about Bentley.  Watching Ashley talk about relationships and what feels right on this show is a bit similar to watching Casey Anthony talk about parenting.

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