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Final Show: More Edits Exposed—Exclusive Commentary from Bentley*

August 2, 2011 28 comments

*by Bentley we mean Bentley Apologists (that guy with amazing hair had nothing to do with this post)

Let’s get started by watching a few clips that make yet another strong case for heavy editing in the show.  This is an interview given right before Ashley is proposed to by both JP and Ben (this is just one clip clarifying the time of the interview as right before the final rose).  Now this second clip is from the Japan show of Ashley supposedly “figuring Bentley out” and telling Bentley off. Notice anything similar?  They are the EXACT SAME INTERVIEW happening on the same day, check out Ashley’s outfits, makeup, hair, and background.  This girl has never been in the same outfit on this show in two episodes.  What does this mean?  The complete tell off of Bentley supposedly happening weeks earlier was completely fabricated.

After reading the Bentley Apologists Edits posts, this type of editing is no surprise to our readers.  Ashley was edited to look sharper than she is, Bentley was edited to look like a jerk more than he is, and the producers haven been laughing all the way to the next trashy show production.

Bentley was never invited back to the final show.  Contestants are compelled to attend on at the request of ABC as part of their contract.  Same reason Bentley can’t give an interview. If Bentley violates the contract, the show can quite easily sue him for the “damages” to the production.  The producers and Chris Harrison didn’t want Bentley back because it was too much of a risk for them as noted by this blogger.

Let’s re-watch the clip of the men discussing Bentley.  All the comments are by no names like Drunk Tim (with the exception of Glambert) and the edits of the discussion are super choppy.  Is this really all they had to say?  Certainly not, the men that got to know him defended Bentley in the press here, here and here.  Bentley had an army of friends on that panel that we never heard a word from.  None of the men that supported him said anything on the final cut that aired? Well that is what the producers want you to think, but apparently these men actually defended Bentley, unfortunately we didn’t get to see it.

So what about the man whose name has been mentioned in EVERY SINGLE SHOW since the first 3 episodes he was on? The man who got a girl to fall in love with him after hanging out a total of about 3-4 hours alone?  And even with the edits, is what Bentley did really that bad?  We are quite certain Ashley gave roses to multiple men she had mediocre feelings for.  Shoot, Ashley had Ben propose to her before telling him no.  Ben said that Ashley gave no sign that she was not choosing him till after he completely humiliated himself.  How is this any better than what Bentley did?  It’s not!  It’s actually worse.  Bentley was leading a girl on for a few dates and Ashley made someone think she was going to marry them.  What about Brad Womack and others who slept with multiple women only to reject them for someone they were certain they would choose?  Clearly any of these offences is—much—much worse than what Bentley did.

Why have the Producers and Chris Harrison tried so hard to make Bentley look bad?  They are mad at Bentley because he turned the game on its head.  This game show is set up for the star Man or Woman to string along multiple mates to a rose ceremony, not the other way around.  Bentley exposed how trashy this show actually is.

Bentley we have enjoyed fighting for you and your hair.  Most of all we have enjoyed the dialog with some insane readers.  Wish you the best.

–Bentley Apologists


Why The Bachelorette is like a Hot Dog Eating Contest

Over the weekend we noticed another nationally televised competition that is quite similar to The Bachelorette.  The 96th Annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest held on July 4th at Coney Island. The contest pits professional eaters against one another to consume as many hot dogs as they can in 10 minutes. The winner (who typically eats more than 60 hot dogs during the period) gets a mustard colored champion belt and $20,000.

While downing 60 greasy hot dogs and courting Ashley Herbert evoke similar feelings (both are likely to make you nauseous), we actually wanted to point out another similarity between the eating contest and the Bachelorette. This year Joey “Jaws” Chestnut won the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest after consuming 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes. The event played on ESPN and on televisions around the nation. But a much lesser publicized event was happening in the same city at the same time. Seven-time Champion and world record holder for eating hot dogs (among other things) Takeru “Tsunami” Kobayashi held an event on a roof top where he consumed 69 hotdogs in 10 minutes smashing Chestnut’s record. Consuming 7 more hotdogs is the eating contest equivalent of Kobayashi lapping Joey. Kobayashi was banned from the competition because he wouldn’t sign an exclusive contract with Major League Eating (yes, seriously, there is an organization trying to make eating a professional sport that wants to charge “athletes”). So Chestnut was crowned the wiener on national television by MLE president George Shea who would later call Kobayashi’s record a farce.

So what does this have to do with The Bachelorette? Just as the Nathan’s eating contest wants to find the greatest hot dog eater, The Bachelorette purports to find the best love match for Ashley. But both contests also want to make as much money as possible. So they end of squeezing more money out of the show and their contestants at the expense of “REALITY.” When Bentley was cast, Bachelorette producers were ecstatic about the ratings that would come from Bentley’s brutal honesty just as the Nathan’s contest organizers were ecstatic to have the iconic Kobyashi as their original hot dog eating champion. Yet Kobayashi and Bentley refused to play the game their handlers wanted them to play, and both of them walked. Now their respective contests are stuck trying to be the premier event while the champions sit on the sidelines. So who is the Joey Chestnut to the Bentley Kobayashi?

SPOILER ALERT (We think it’s a spoiler, but we don’t know for sure. Bentley fans believe it’s obvious given the Bentley rebound Ashley is on. Also, does it really matter to alert you when Bentley is gone?).

From what we understand, it’s the same guy who caught Ashley first off of the Bentley rebound (which she is still experiencing) – J.P. After seeing how hard Ashley fell for Bentley, it’s obvious that the love she feels for J.P. is a direct result of the Bentley rebound. At the end of the day, Joey and J.P. might get the coveted yellow belt and be crowned wieners on national television, those familiar with reality know who the real champions are: Bentley Williams and Takeru Kobayashi.

Before you make comments on this page, we want to identify that there are graphic analogies that could easily be made with a contest of consuming multiple wieners and the set up to The Bachelorette show—but we want to keep this site family friendly.

Bentley Apologists Hits 100,000 Mark on July 4th As Viewers Search for Bentley Conversations

July 5, 2011 1 comment

Originally we were inspired to start this site because, as Bentley fans, we didn’t think it was right that such an awesome Bachelorette contestant was getting villainized.We wanted to celebrate the man and defend his words and actions. We figured that no one would care since viewers are usually content to drink the Kool-Aid and accept everything Bachelorette producers foist upon them. But just over a month later, we are happy to report that we’re “All Grown Up.” Our site hit 100,000 views today as Bacholrette viewers were searching for any thing they could find on Bentley.   While it may not seem like much for one day, we have significantly altered the Bentley conversation as now more people are starting to question the reality of the show and notice the douchebaggery of Chris Harrison.  Moreover, given the timing of this event and demand for conversations about Bentley, we believe this shows how truly American being a Bentley fan is.

So where do the Apologists go from here? Bentley was our horse in the Bachelorette race, and even although he’s gone for good, we don’t plan to pick another one. Especially if we have that many fans of the site.  Instead, we are going to act exactly like Ashley. For the rest of the season, we’re going to keep tabs on all the second fiddles [contestants still in the race who are clear second choices to Bentley], while still pining for Bentley and continuing to talk incessantly about him. Hope you’ll join us.

Countdown to the Return of the King (Bentley’s Back)

June 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Everyone has been counting down the days until Bentley’s return.  Producers might have considered having Ashley call Bentley to resolve these concerns, but where’s the drama in that?  No, we need to fly The King across the world so that Ashley can say her final goodbye to his amazing hair.  In honor of this event we have issued commemorative “Return of the King” and “Team Bentley” shirts (all proceeds go to support Bentley’s post-Bachelorette dates).

Hold on to your remotes friends and fellow Apologists, here comes another Bachelorette episode all about Bentley Williams.

The Heartbreaker — The Key to Bentley’s Appearance on the Bachelorette

June 21, 2011 9 comments

We had the misfortune to stumble across a French movie the other day called The Heartbreaker. Lucky for us, it wasn’t about postcards from a traveling gnome, but it was still French. Here’s the premise of the movie: there’s a guy who’s specialty is breaking up relationships that are doomed to fail. Basically, people hire him to break up budding romances and marriages that threaten the happiness of one or both of the people involved. There really isn’t much more to say than that. There are the usual comedic supporting cast, the typical French snobbery, and the amazing lush vistas. But, the movie didn’t star Bentley, or even refer to him, or have him as a cameo.

Or did it?

Let’s review the movie. Charming, sophisticated, incredibly good-looking male lead whose forte is breaking up doomed relationships. It just so happens that this character is also a snappy dresser and sports just the right kind of tousled hair. And, we should add, very charismatic. Starting to sound familiar? Yep, it’s Bentley alright. This movie obviously had Bentley in mind.

In fact, we think Bentley’s whole appearance on The Bachelorette is starting to make more sense. He and Ashley may or may not find love together (her loss if they don’t), but what Bentley is really doing, the real blessing that he’s providing to Ashley, is showing her what a waste any of the other guys would be. He is the Heartbreaker. Bentley is there to help Ashley, to open her eyes (and her heart).

Looking at it this way, it’s clear that what Bentley is doing on the Bachelorette is one of the most selfless things we have ever witnessed on reality tv.

Ashley, you owe Bentley an apology.

ABC Finally Embracing Diversity

June 18, 2011 11 comments

Here at the Apologists, we generally don’t have many nice things to say about ABC or the producers of the Bachelorette, what with how they’ve been portraying Bentley and all. But we have to applaud them for one thing – their willingness to embrace diversity. No, not racial or ethnic diversity (all the contestants on the show are WASPs after all), but rather intergalactic diversity. Take Ames for instance. We like Ames. He’s clearly from another planet. Every time we seem him, it warms our hearts that the producers care so much about their other-worldly viewers to include an extraterrestrial on the show (though it is not fair to pit him up against Bentley). Sure, Ames is an alien but why should that keep him from finding love? Plus, if winning Ashley’s heart isn’t in the cards, Ames still has several options open to him including commanding the alliance Starfleet, becoming an Emmy-award-winning crooner, or having father/son outings with Zeus.

Is it possible that Bentley is actually a good guy?

June 17, 2011 11 comments

We apologists have always been staunch defenders of Bentley. Normally, that means we rationalize his “bad” behavior and tell you why he’s not actually as bad as he seems on The Bachelorette. To all our readers, we only have one thing to say. We’re sorry, we screwed up.

Not only is Bentley not a bad guy, but it turns out that he is actually a pretty good guy. Now normally, we at the Apologists like to create our own content. But in this case, we are pulling a Huff Po and gathering together some statements about Bentley from around the web. Check them out:

Jeff Medolla (the Mask)

I don’t think Bentley is a total asshole…I just think he liked the camera and was doing whatever…Bentley, he was just kind of like, “Hey, you know what? I think I’m going to leave…”There’s no doubt in my mind that he missed his daughter, but I think it sounds cool or something to maybe say, “Yeah, I’m using my daughter thing, but it’s really not the case….”I have a feeling that I’ll be in touch with Bentley.

West Lee (That one dude)

I really liked Bentley … he seemed genuine. He talked about his daughter all the time, so I really thought that his missing her … and then to see all this stuff on the show was a bit of a surprise. Maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle, but at least in my experience of Bentley, he was a good guy. I like him.

Suzette (the ex)

He’s a really good father, he’s really involved. They’ve got a really great relationship. He adores her. I’d say he’s a really good father,” she explained. As for their marriage, Suzette told Billy and Kit, “It didn’t work out, he’s got a lot of great qualities, it just wasn’t right with us.”

Anonymous (Fellow Bachelorette contestant)

Courtesy of a fellow blogger:  Today I got an e-mail from a Bachelorette insider (whose true identity I can neither confirm or deny, though they did sound very much “in the know”) to tell me that he’s been getting a kick out of my recaps so far this season.  He also made an argument that Bentley is actually a fairly decent dude – “funny, chill, definitely competitive, but not the asshole the show’s making him out to be.  They’re murdering the guy in editing!”

It’s important to remember that these varied characters have every incentive to take shots at him, but neither The Mask, That one dude, nor The Ex, nor the Anonymous Contestant were willing to throw Bentley under the bus. When all is said and done, Bentley critics will no doubt cross over to our side, and when they do, we will extend to them an olive branch (or at least a lock of Bentley’s luscious hair).

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