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Brad Womack—The Biggest Loser

Two time bachelor Brad Womack is quite possibly the only man alive that could lose a game that he is completely set up to win–twice!  In his first Bachelor appearance, Brad slept with multiple women and then decided to not choose one in the last show.  This was completely humiliating for the woman and outraged viewers because of his flippant attitude towards copulation and relationships.  Producers seeking drama and ratings re-casted him as a Bachelor where he slept with Chantal, and then chose the one girl with standards high enough to know not to spend the night with Brad—Emily.  Now Emily, realizing that Brad Womack is a tool, has decided to end her relationship with him.  I guess this might be expected from Stephen Bradley Pickelsimer (his name before he changed it to Womack) with a criminal record including forgery, public intoxication and for passing a bad check.

Two things we learn from this:

1) Ladies, please have some class.  If you put out the nookie like a street walker, a man will treat you like one.

2) Brad Womack is possibly the biggest loser we have ever seen on a game show

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