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William or Bentley as Bachelorette Villain? – The Debate Viewers didn’t See

Bentley loyalists realized that Hollywood was not giving viewers the full story with Bentley, casting him as a villain on the show. What most viewers probably aren’t aware of was the debate that took place before the show even aired – the debate among Bachelorette producers over who would be “cast” as this season’s villain. We at the Apologists got our hands on corporate documents that clearly reveal the producer’s intentions to cast William Holman, not Bentley as the villain. So what happened?

Bachelorette producers knew early on that Bentley had done well with Ashley. Hoping that a love interest would spark, they encouraged him to stay for two weeks. But it didn’t take, and Bentley left the show. Up to that point, producers planned on making William the villain. His impersonations annoyed other cast members, his wanted to use the show to launch a comedic career, he publicly trashed Ashley during the roast, and he threw Big League Chew under the bus. William had all the makings of a perfect Bachelorette villain.

But the producers had a problem. Bentley was Ashley’s top pick, and she could not move forward with the other guys. To keep the contestants and Ashley interested, many of the dates were planned abroad, in exotic locales. This ploy did not work as we are now watching the 5th episode with Bentley as the main narrative. Ashley’s genuine interest in Bentley forced the producers’ hands, and they had to bring him back.

The debate was clear—Bentley had to be the new villain for his lack of interest in the girl producers chose for the show, but what to do about William? Should there be two villains or would that make the producers look like they had set Ashley up to fail? The producers decided to save William and burn Bentley. The major amount of editing that was required to do this would eventually confuse audiences. How could Ashley and all the contestants like a guy as bad as Bentley? Answer: He must not be that bad…

  1. 1234
    June 27, 2011 at 10:22 pm

    there should have been 2 villians….william was so much worse than bentley!

  1. July 14, 2011 at 10:20 pm

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